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USA Bottle Bash Game Set

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NEW! Bottle Bash Game Set with soft surface spikes in Red, White, and Blue

  • Bottle Bash USA Red White and Blue outdoor game provides endless fun whether in backyard, tailgating, camping, or at the beach.  Bottle Bash is light and portable and fits in most backpacks! If you're into sporting goods, or outdoor recreation, outdoor games or even lawn games this is the game for you.
  • Enhances eye-hand coordination, all players active with every throw of the disc, great team game
  • Game set up takes less than one minute and can be played on 20, 30, or 40 foot long areas depending on skill level
  • Includes: (2) Non-breakable life like bottles, (2) Telescoping metal poles for use on sand or turf with built in scoring system
  • Accessories: Multi-surface base with built in cup holders for use on pavement, gymnasium floor or other hard surface
  • Accessories: Soft disc for tailgating and close-quarters play

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